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Do you need to lose 15 pounds fast? What kind of pounds do you want to lose – muscle, fat or water?

As you can see, most people that are talking about losing weight, do not really know what exactly this means. Nearly all people think about fat, when they hear weight, but this is not the case.

If you want to lose 15 pounds just so it looks better on the scale readout, then it probably doesn’t matter whether you lose fat, water or muscle. If your desire is to lose the additional bulge around your stomach, then you are wanting to lose 15 pounds of fat fast.

If your goal is to lose fat instead of just pounds, it is important for you to know that water makes up a part of that weight loss. In fact, during the first few days of any diet, water makes up the majority of loss.

Numerous websites are claiming that they are able to reveal to you how to lose 15 pounds fast. It can be a danger for your health if you are losing weight too fast, which is what most won’t tell you. Of course, it solely depends on what you reckon to be ‘fast’. Many people consider a few days, maybe a week to be fast, while for others it is a month.

The most realistic goal would be to lose 15 pounds in a month, because that’s far more achievable. Still, there is a possible risk involved if the weight loss is not approached correctly.

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Water is the easiest to lose, but there is no way just to get rid of the water if you want to lose 15 pounds fast. The body can not survive without water. Take away the water and it will die.

Starving will not solve your problem either. It is a fact that your body will hold back when you don’t eat, so you might even increase your weight. Not giving the body essential nutrients, will result in warnings going off. In a desperate effort to survive, it hangs onto everything you feed it, which adds weight.

A good way to lose 15 pounds fast is by eating foods like salmon which needs a lot of energy for the digestion. Of course you could start eating nothing else then fish or meat, but this is not a very healthy option either. You need hold onto a well-rounded diet, that supports your body with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. A well balanced diet and losing weight can go hand in hand, you only need to know what foods are the right ones to eat.

Before starting your weight loss plan, take measurements of your body including your weight and fat content. Special calipers (usually part of a weight loss or fitness center’s tool kit) are used to measure fatty tissue on various areas of your body. Always keep these measurements in your reach to see how you are progressing.

See below for 5 steps you can take to lose 15 pounds fast.

1) Try to avoid the use of salt, which causes the body to retain water. Use less salt and you will soon start to lose weight.

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2) Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day to keep your body’s digestive process working.

3) Try to add raw foods to your diet, which require more energy for your body to digest.

4) Drink more the 8 glasses of water during the day, this will help you increase your metabolism.

5) Build up muscle tissue with exercising, more muscles will increase your metabolism.

Always re-measure your body and weight every week or so and in case you aren’t seeing any positive improvements, adjust your weight loss plan and exercises.

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